U2 @ The Sydney Entertainment Centre Sep 6th 1984


Somethings I remember really well, some not so well. Hearing U2’s first album “Boy” for the first time is one that has stayed with me. It was a saturday afternoon in 1982 and my eldest brother Andrew and his mate Mick Sheppard had been in Sydney buying records and they played them on his stereo when they got home.

Home was our bungalow in Grandview Drive, Campbelltown. I was playing in the next room and from the get go this album pricked my ears. An hour or so later the lads went out for the night and I went in to the room and played it over and over. I was hooked. I loved the look, feel and sound of this album.

I bought everything I could get of U2’s from them for the next 10 years or so, 7″, 12″, album, gatefold, special edition, limited edition, covers and so on. I even wrote a school essay on them and got A+!

When they finally announced their first tour I was definitely there but the city was a long way away and I couldn’t go on my own. So I decided to organise a group to go. I borrowed some money off dad to buy 20 tickets for the 3rd show of their 5 night run and booked a bus to take us there and back. It was my final year of high school and a month short of my 18th birthday the big day came. One further complication was that it was in the middle of my HSC (finals) exams but what’s more important eh?

I covered the costs and paid back dad easy enough.

As for the gig? It was brilliant! They’d just finished recording The Unforgettable Fire and so played their forthcoming single “Pride (in the name of love). Loads of songs from their first 3 albums and think some must have been late additions without enough rehearsal because Adam started Gloria in the wrong key and they had to stop, point it out to him and restart.

Pretty sure that Spy v Spy supported – they were a band I’d see regularly on the local gig circuit and liked their stuff – gritty 3 piece with their big hit “Don’t Tear It Down”

I never organised another bus to a gig as that was way too much hassle but I went to lots of gigs after that.

As for Mick’s copy of “Boy” – I still have it and I still love it.

Oh and my exams? Let’s just say I passed and my English essay helped – I wrote about what I knew!

Set list

Gloria, I Threw A Brick Through A Window, A Day Without Me, An Cat Dubh, Into The Heart, Surrender, Two Hearts Beat As One, Seconds, Sunday Bloody Sunday, I Fall Down, October, New Year’s Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Out Of Control
encores: Party Girl, 11 O’Clock Tick Tock, I Will Follow, 40

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